Where to Find Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup can be found in some herbal stores that deal with south American herbal medicines. However, herbal stores are quite rare to find and usually quote a price to their liking. Therefore, I suggest ordering online. It will be shipped to your location and you could be using yacon syrup as quickly as one day after placing order online.

There are several online stores where you can order the yacon syrup, but I suggest you avoid buying it from places like Amazon, because the send it in a glass container and it sometimes cracks during shipping. Instead, I suggest ordering from “The Yacon Diet

It is a website dedicated for yacon syrup and yacon capsules, and although the website is a bit shiny and focuses more on using yacon syrup as diet, the product itself is pure and good quality.

Recently, Dr Oz featured yacon syrup as a miracle diet in his show, and the demand for yacon syrup has spiked suddenly over the past couple of months. That would explain why most of the online stores are out of stock. Luckily, the “The Yacon Diet” still has stocks. Thats another reason why I recommend them. Unlike some of the other online stores, they wouldn’t take your money and then claim that the yacon syrup is out of stock and put you in backorder. This happens very frequently, especially when an item is in high demands as yacon syrup.

Click Here to visit the official website of The Yacon Diet


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